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It is an unfortunate consequence of being a rider that bikes are far less difficult to steal than cars, not to mention they lack the protections of seat belts or air bags as well. Throw in the fact that motorcyclists are difficult for other drivers to see on the road, and you can see why it is so vital to have good motorcycle insurance coverage. Another benefit from motorcycle insurance is the financial compensation afforded to riders who are involved in accidents or if their bikes are stolen or somehow damaged. This coverage also provides liability protection should the motorcyclist be the cause of an injury to another individual or be the reason for any property damage.

The level of insurance a motorcyclist needs depends on the kind of motorcycle he or she rides and how the bike is utilized. For instance, is it ridden for pleasure or for commuting? Crotch-rockets with huge amounts of horsepower will obviously have costlier insurance rates than a slower touring motorcycle. Keep in mind that bikes that are meant primarily for competition, such as motocross bikes, will certainly require higher levels of liability coverage than those that are primarily for commuting.

Motorcycle coverage is made available for all kinds of bikes, even for custom bikes and so-called choppers. You can cover your prized classic motorcycle, your “Hog” (or Harley Davidson), and any kind of dirt, street or sport bike. Even scooters or mopeds can be covered.

Motorcycle coverage operates in a similar way to auto insurance. It essentially protects the rider from losses. Once the agreed upon deductible is paid, (and your premiums have been paid consistently), motorcycle coverage can then compensate for the expenses to replace or repair the motorbike, to assist in handling the medical or hospital costs for an injured rider or to help pay for legal costs if a lawsuit is filed. Depending on the kind and level of coverage, a passenger or an individual who borrowed the bike can also be covered should an accident occur.

In the entire US, it is required that motorcyclists have a certain level and kind of coverage. It is highly suggested to speak with an insurance professional who is versed in motorcycle coverage, in order to be fully informed of the benefits and choices and in finding the best coverage for your individual needs.