Jay Evers Consulting

I am actively engaged as an independent business adviser. I am passionate about excellence in business and in life. I believe we should live and work like we might not have tomorrow, and keep God in the middle of it all. We build teams who believe in complete confidence, but execute with complete humility. There is no place for arrogance on a winning team. Are you seeking contentment ... in business ... at home? This doesn't mean we don't compete or that we're lazy. Contentment is about being where you are supposed to be ... living how you are supposed to live ... in His will. If we think you can go it alone; we are in for a rough ride. Let us help each other. I can help your team get closer to "complete;" we've been doing it for a long time now. I am a proven operator who has a passion and gift for "seeing a business." Furthermore, I've enjoyed great success in culture-building. Aligning the right people with corporate objectives makes all the difference. The financials are easy to read for many, but culture separates the great teams from the good teams. I've been a team player since I was a kid, and I understand how to win. My passion is helping good people and organizations realize their potential and exceeding their expectations. If you or your organization need help, you may contact me at jayevers@charter.net, 205/999-5689 (c) or 205/977-6099 (h.) There is nothing to lose and much to gain by contacting me; I will ADD VALUE to your organization. Thanks for your time and consideration, Jay Evers Gal. 6:9

Birmingham, Alabama

Phone: (205) 999-5689